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4. Experiential Approach to SEL: Social Awareness (SEL-103)

~Mini-Course Description~
This course is for educators like you who want practical methods for applying SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) concepts to themselves, their students and their curriculum in order to create the best conditions for learning and to take concrete steps to improve mental health.

You'll learn how to foster and embed SEL concepts into your own curriculum, not someone else's, so you get to keep what's yours and add in what's meaningful. In addition to CE (Continuing Education) credits, you'll walk away from this course with greater knowledge and recognition of SEL competencies in your students and yourself, a curriculum that supports SEL and you'll learn practical ways to foster these skills using interactive, experiential learning activities that can be easily adapted to any age group.

A meta-analysis of over 200,000 students has demonstrated that students participating in SEL programs showed increased academic performance, improved classroom behavior, an increased ability to manage stress and depression, and better attitudes about themselves, others and school. (Durlak et al., 2011)

~Learning Intentions~
+Participants will be knowledgeable about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and the role they play in academic and lifelong success.
+Participants will be able to implement activities and model SEL skills to foster skill development through active learning.
+Participants will be able to modify their own syllabus to incorporate SEL skills practice into their content area (learned during the Application Course).

PD Hours: 1

  • Introduction to Social Awareness
  • Welcome to the EASEL Social Awareness Mini-Course
  • Journal Entry: Your Initial Thoughts on Social Awareness
  • Video: Social Awareness | Social-Emotional Learning | PBS Learning Media
  • Empathy Building
  • Section Overview: Empathy Building
  • Activity: I'm Spent
  • Mentimeter Results and Padlet: Did You Feel That?
  • Perspective building
  • Section Overview: Building Perspective
  • Padlet Sharing: What Were They Thinking?
  • Journaling: Sharing Social Scenarios
  • Modeling respect
  • Section Overview: Modeling Respect
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. . . .
  • Journaling: Building Positive Relationships
  • valuing diversity
  • Section Overview: Valuing Diversity
  • Padlet: Rescue of Baby Jessica
  • Journal Entry: Strategies for a Multicultural Curriculum
  • conducting an experiential activity - paper airplanes
  • Section Overview: Conducting an Experiential Activity
  • EASEL Activity Demonstration: Paper Airplanes
  • Debrief: Paper Airplanes
  • Wrap Up: Social Awareness
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Journal Entry: Your Final Thoughts on Social Awareness
  • End of Mini-Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed